Rainbow Six Siege: Year 4 Promo

written by DocWhiskeyD

Rainbow Six Siege is about to enter it’s fourth year of content, an exciting milestone marked by several changes to the game starting with the introduction of two brand new operators from Australia, playlist additions and updates, as well as a brand new map. In addition to that, last weekend saw the epic conclusion to the Six Invitational 2019, and tons of community highlights that show why the Siege community is really an awesome place. Lets jump on in!

Year 4 Roadmap, courtesy of the Dev team.

First up on the docket, the changes to multiplayer that are coming. Casual mode is being altered just a bit, with the action phase timer being reduced from 4 minutes to 3.5 minutes. Additionally, defenders will now be told what site they are defending, and attackers will be able to select their spawn, bringing it more in line with what ranked is currently. Speaking of ranked, after 4 years, ranked mode is finally dropping the “beta” tag and will have a new section in the player menu that allows you access to more statistics, rank information, seasonal rewards and other things along those lines. Pick and Ban will become a permanent addition to ranked around Season 2. A third playlist, called “newcomers” is being introduced, where players under level 50 will have a more secure environment in order to learn the game without feeling the pressure of other players with much more time in game breathing down their necks. In order to combat team killing, a reverse friendly fire is being introduced, which will activate when someone has killed a friendly operator, otherwise known as the “no u” card. During the course of all this, operators will become increasingly cheaper to buy with renown, depending on how long they’ve been out, which is good news for players who elect not to purchase the season pass. Lastly, in addition to the new map coming with Operation Burnt Horizon, there will be reworks done to Kafe Dostoyevsky, Kanal, and Theme Park. Now this isn’t all that’s happening this year, but we’re going to have to wait and see what else the development team has to throw at us. Something to take away from all of this is that the Dev team really does listen to the community, but may occasionally just need some time to get all the things in place in order to meet our desires. One thing’s for sure, Year 4 looks awesome so far, and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

Mozzie (left) & Gridlock (right), along with a look at Outback, new map for Year 4 Season 1.

Reeling it back into just Year 4 Season 1 talk, Operation Burn Horizon. This new season brings us to the land down under for some high stakes gameplay at an outback service station called…Outback. Helping break ground on this new map are our two new operators, Gridlock and Mozzie, both of whom bring some pretty unique new gadgets to play with that we haven’t really seen before, at least not in the way that you would think. Gridlock is a 3 armor 1 speed attacker, who can employ an F90 assault rifle, or M249 SAW, along with a pistol sidearm or a secondary shotgun like Jackal carries. Her gadget is called Trax Stingers, which is a autonomous spike pad dispenser that covers a wide area with damaging spike pads that deal 10 points of damage to defenders who walk through them. They can be destroyed by gunshot and explosion, but I haven’t had a chance to see if they can be melee’d without taking damage, however I would assume that to be the case. Gridlock gets 3 of these Trax pods, and they can be thrown just like any other deployable gadget that gets tossed. Mozzie on the other hand, is a 2 armor 2 speed defender, who also carries the same secondary selection that Gridlock does, but is given access to the Commando 9 assault rifle, and the P10 Roni SMG, both of which seem to have very controllable recoil patters and dish out enough damage to make attackers think twice about re-peeking that angle again. Mozzie’s gadget is a compact crossbow that launches Pest drones. These Pests are used to hijack attacker drones, and give their camera feed to the defending team, meaning attackers are going to have to be much more careful with their drones from now on. The turncoat drones can be detected by IQ’s RED, and if Dokkaebi manages to hack a phone, the camera feed to that drone will be restored, but control will remain in Mozzie’s hands. For the attacking side, its clear that Gridlock is meant to be used in a roam denial capacity, cutting off rotations and preventing access to areas of the map without making noise or taking damage, meanwhile on the defender side it’s another nod to the adage, “Information is King”. These new operators and the new map will be available in only a few short weeks for season pass holders, so please contain yourself. Don’t TK because you didn’t get the operator, and if you’ve already had a round or two on them, let someone else give them a spin. There will be plenty of time to play them later, after all.

G2 Esports lifting the hammer after defeating Team Empire 3-0 at the Six Invitational 2019. 
 from left to right:  Shas[O]Udas (coach), Goga, Pengu, Kantoraketti, Fabian, Joonas

The previous week of Rainbow Six has been awash with excitement during the Group Stages and Finals brackets of the Six Invitational 2019. Every team put on stunning performances, but Nora-Rengo continued to make waves and gain fans with their positive attitude and general seemingly carefree demeanor, which is undoubtedly, and in no small way, inspired by their coach, Kizoku, who is certainly the best hype man a pro squad could ask for. Nora-Rengo fell to Team Empire in the semi-finals, with a final score of 1:2, having beat out Fnatic in an absolutely dominating performance in the quarter finals. Keep up the awesome work Nora, we love you. Team Empire, after showing a ruthless first half of the current pro league season would go on to lock in their spot for the grand finals, having decisively beaten Team Liquid out in the quarters, and continuing their rampage with a very close game against Nora-Rengo. G2 Esports would later go on to lock in the second grand finals slot after another dominating performance over Team Reciprocity, who knocked out crowd favorites, Evil Geniuses, in the quarters. We couldn’t really talk about the quarters without giving a nod to Spacestion Gaming and the one hell of a fight they brought to G2’s doorstep, handing the European squad the only map loss they would take during the entire tournament. Hats off to you, SSG! Finally, G2 would meet Team Empire in the Grand Finals for a best of 5. The first map went for a record breaking 22 rounds of back and forth action between the two teams, with this being the first match of R6 ever played with infinite overtime, meaning a team would have to win two consecutive rounds to claim the map win. With a performance like that on the first map, it would’ve been easy to say that a repeat of Six Invitationl 2018 was likely, with it going all the way to map 5 for the title, however G2 also won the second map, and eventually the 3rd, and defending their title as World Champions with a 3-0 victory over their Russian opponents. Team Empire is still a force to be reckoned with. This was their first LAN event as a team, and they made it to the grand finals, and that’s huge and not to be discounted lightly, kudos to you Empire, you’ve set the bar high for yourselves! Lastly, a heartfelt congratulations to G2 for defending their title, lifting that hammer, and giving all of us G2 fans something to celebrate with you. G2, back when they were still known as PENTA, was the first team I watched a Pro League match of, and what inspired me to get further into the R6 community, Pro League, and eventually start writing these articles. Now my inspiration is all of you who read them, so thanks for that, you’ve all been phenomenal.

Lastly, the Siege community is an awesome place. Sure, we meet toxic players from time to time but the majority of people are genuinely pretty decent. A new year is about to start in our timeline, so lets make it the best one yet. Remember, be good to your teammates and opponents, humble in victory and graceful in defeat. Siege on!

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