Forge Report – Anthem Launches more Layoffs in a Dungeon with GTX 1660

written by Fyren


Anthem lands with a whimper


Anthem officially launched this week and the reviews are in. Many people have already finished the content available at launch and most opinions are fairly negative. Almost universally the complaints are the same. Ridiculous amounts of loading, missing features and systems, immense grind for little payout, scant end game content, and nearly zero character customization. That all sounds awful but reviewers have also been quick to point out the game’s high points as well. It should come as no surprise that Anthem’s world is absolutely gorgeous. Breathtakingly beautiful. The combat loop and movement mechanics have also been praised to high degrees. However, despite those positives the game is receiving overall poor scores across the board; between 3 and 6 out of ten, with the higher end of that being the larger outlets like IGN that typically give out higher scores than the average anyway. It isn’t all doom and gloom for Anthem though. There are at least some people out there who are enjoying it a great deal. One such person is a fellow Reforged Gaming community member, EternalShiva, who had this to say on her experience: “Story is pretty good and the game play is rather fun. I don’t feel the need to team anything and haven’t had a problem solo playing on hard mode. The gear scales and gearing up is pretty simple and fast. The quests aren’t grind fests like some people say, they’re pretty simple to complete.”


ArenaNet also does layoffs

download (1).png

Following the layoffs last week from Activision Blizzard, there is more sad news today as ArenaNet, the developers behind Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, have also announced that they will be dishing out their own round of layoffs as well. In contrast to last week’s story though, this announcement comes after an earnings call with NCSoft, ArenaNet’s parent company, in which it was revealed that earnings on the PC platform were down and suffering significantly. ArenaNet employs, prior to the layoffs, around 400 people. People inside the company have reported that a large portion of the staff had been working on unannounced projects that were not set to be completed this year or even next year. This is also where the layoffs will likely be targeted as we have also learned that these unannounced projects have been cancelled due to the poor financials. The good news is that the developers maintaining Guild Wars and churning out the continuous stream of content updates for Guild Wars 2’s Living Story will likely be unaffected. However, it is a shame that we will never get to see what those other projects were. As a big fan of ArenaNet and both of the Guild Wars titles, I would have loved to have seen what they cooked up next. Here’s hoping that the next earnings call yields better news for ArenaNet. I would hate to see the studio get shut down like another one of NCSoft’s companies, Carbine Studios of Wildstar fame.


Darkest Dungeon sequel announced

“These nightmarish creatures can be felled, they can be beaten.” The Narrator from Darkest Dungeon returns to voice a sequel as well as to grace us with his gravelly tones in a new teaser trailer that was released this week. Red Hook Studios announced they are working on a sequel to what could be considered an instant classic. There is, as of yet, no dates and little details to be had. Red Hook has said that they will be using the Steam Early Access model once again. In addition, they’ve said that the sequel will move beyond the estate from the first game and be more of a journey. I, for one, am extremely excited as the first Darkest Dungeon has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. All aboard the hype train!


GTX 1660 Ti is pretty good value


The Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti came out this week. Benchmarks and gaming performance tests put the new card in line with the GTX 1070. In several cases the new card beat out its predecessor by a few frames per second, but it is a small margin. In productivity tasks however, such as video rendering and 3D rendering the new 1660 posts much slower times than the 1070 in some cases up to a few minutes of difference in benchmarks. The best part about this newer card though, is the price. Coming in at only $279 to start with more expensive versions available, it is a damn good value, especially if you are one of those people sitting on an older card waiting to upgrade, like me. If your rig is holding a GTX 900 series or older, now is the chance to get a massive upgrade without totally breaking the bank like some of the high end enthusiast cards. The recently released RTX cards with that fancy new ray tracing tech are going for $1,000 or more. This seems to be a no nonsense, no bells and whistles, good gaming graphics card for the budget conscious gamer. Well played Nvidia… Well played indeed.

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