Patch Note Speculation

It’s the start of a new year and we’re looking at a pretty wild list of changes from the development team. Is this the end of GOATS as we know it? Will reaper become meta for the first time ever?

Winston GOATS Deconstructed

Since the end of the inaugural Overwatch League season, the 3 tank-3 support GOATS comp has become a normality in all types of competitive play. The original composition has inspired many modifications, including Winston GOATS. Winston GOATS focuses around...

Should I Play Destiny 2?

In an effort to capture more players, the base game for Destiny 2 recently went free to play for anyone who has owned a account for longer than a year. Given that Activision has...

Hero Bans in Overwatch

Hero bans have become a hot topic recently in the Overwatch community, particularly on the /r/competitiveoverwatch subreddit, with coaches and pro players chiming in on the matter. The system of hero bans has been...

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