Starfox: RETROspective

I love retro gaming. I love older games for their nostalgic value, their groundbreaking features or graphics and gameplay; I also love newer games with that retro feel – something you can’t always describe, but know it’s different to its counterparts. However...

Fur Fighters: RETROspective

Fur Fighters is one of those games that precisely half the gaming population know about and the other half doesn’t. It was released on the Sega Dreamcast in 2000, but despite good reviews, it hardly caused a stir at the time. The Fur Fighters plot is simple enough. The Fur Fighters, consisting of six different animals, are living perfectly happy...

Medievil: RETROspective

Medievil was released in 1998 so for those gamers who have been playing or can recall two decades ago, Medievil may sound familiar to you. The story's protagonist is Sir Daniel Fortesque, a century dead "hero" who has never actually done anything heroic. While Sir Dan was he told tall tales of his great deeds to the king who seems to believe him completely. The king goes on to make him the commander of his army. Reminiscent of Beowulf...

TimeSplitters: RETROspective

Do you remember when video games were fun? You'd start up the game sit down on the couch and think "Man, I am gonna have a good time!". Well I do. I am not saying that gaming is dying

Resident Evil 2: RETROspective

In our first RETROspective with Capcom working on a remake as we speak, we will be taking a look back on one of the best survival horror games of its time, and some would argue of all time, Resident Evil 2. It is the year 1998 in the cold month of January

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