Interview with a Spy Master

It's 8:00AM on a Tuesday morning. I'm sitting alone in an empty Teamspeak server nervously checking the clock while I sip a hastily made cup of coffee. Some time last night I received a message I didn't fully know how to comprehend. It's the sort of cloak and dagger stuff you see in early 70's spy films. A location and a time when to be there. It's all very secretive and I'm starting to wonder if was being trolled or...

The Brilliance of Branding

One of the greatest failings of the modern MMO is population attrition. This is normally attributed to a lack of content or a general disinterest by the community taking part in those titles. The reality is that the modern MMO has to compete with a much wider gamut of new releases and given an ever shortening attention span...

Gotta Fly ’em All..?

Star Citizen has become something of a ship collecting game while players patiently await its launch. This has lead to a Pokemon-esque mentality where some people have just gotta catch (buy) them all. I believe this philosophy is

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